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Afunhumaninter Afunhumaninter 30 September 2018

Plex count

The plex count has similar notation as log, but it is right above the exponent.

  • 1 Levels
    • 1.1 Level 1
    • 1.2 Level 3
    • 1.3 Level 4

Addition and subtraction take up this space.

Transformation from Level 1-Level 2:

Exponents, roots, logs...

Thansformation from Level 3-Level 4:

7^7^7^7^7^7^7=7th plex 7

Plexes, arc plexes...

The third plex of x is x^x^x^x.

The 4th arc plex of x is the number that you had run through 4th plex to arrive at x.

Ex. 2nd arc plex of 27 is 3.

Please comment below on shortcut math one can use to find arc plexes!

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