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Please note that I don't edit this wiki anymore, mostly because I was totally turned off by the changes to the look (new skin) and feel (new editor) that The Powers That Be instituted back in 2009. (Yes, I have opted out of both in my preferences.) I had already started to "fall away" from editing a bit when I discovered one day that the new editing system (the default for anons and users not logged in) made seemingly arbitrary changes to one's wikicode when it was saved (in particular, adding or removing newlines), thereby making it almost impossible to make certain intended changes. Coming on the heels of forced advertising banners and forced skin changes earlier in the year (or maybe the year before?), the editing thing was the proverbial Last Straw that made me completely give up on this wiki. Sorry... - dcljr (talk) 23:52, August 9, 2011 (UTC)

Of the many wikis I have accounts on, I'm generally most active on the English Wikipedia (see also my user page over there). Discuss any edits I've made to this Mathematics Wikia on my talk page at this wiki.

Mathematics credentials

Mathematical interests

I tutor mostly calculus and statistics at the college level — and I've taught undergraduate classes and/or labs in both disciplines — but I have an interest in (almost) all forms of analysis. I've also attempted to teach an "introduction to mathematics" type of class to adult paralegal students, with mixed results.

Non-mathematical interests

I used to program a lot in Perl (and before that, BASIC), but I don't really program at all anymore, unfortunately. Never learned C or C++ (beyond a few weeks in a class in graduate school).

Linux newbie, enjoying (for the most part) running a Gentoo box since 2005, after having spent the previous 13 years with Windows 95 and 3.1 (although I did use Unix in grad school).

I read mostly non-fiction and pass the rest of my free time (when not online) watching TV and DVDs (Netflix). Politically liberal. Single. Okay, enough about me.

Maintenance tasks

Licensing of contributions

Consistent with Wikia copyright policy, I agree to license all text and image contributions I make to this wiki under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

Works in progress

Here are some things I'm working on before (possibly) moving them into the main article namespace. Please do not edit these pages. Comments and questions should be directed to my main talk page.