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This template simplifies the formatting of example template calls in non-article pages, such as Mathematics:Templates, when a link to the page for the template itself is desired. Use Template:T if no link is desired (for example, in usage notes on template pages, where the link would be unnecessary). This template should never be used in articles in the main namespace.
  • {{tl|Template name}}
  • {{tl|Template name|parameter}}
  • {{tl|Template name|parameter1|parameter2}}
  • {{tl|Template name|parameter1|parameter2|parameter3}}
  • {{tl|Template name|parameter1|parameter2|parameter3|parameter4}}
  1. With one (required) parameter, this template provides the same simple functionality as Wikipedia:Template:Tl, but with the monospace font formatting of Wikipedia:Template:Tlx:
  2. With more than one parameter (up to five, total, including the template name), it works basically like Wikipedia:Template:Tlx, except without the sister-project or language features of that template:
    • {{tl|wikipedia|''Article title''}}{{wikipedia|Article title}}
    • {{tl|wikipedia|''Article title''|''Display title''}}{{wikipedia|Article title|Display title}}
    • {{tl|wikipedia|James Bernoulli|Jakob Bernoulli}}{{wikipedia|James Bernoulli|Jakob Bernoulli}}
The name "tl" is short for "template link".
See also
  • Template:T ("template") — version with no link on the template name