Math Wiki

Here are a list of all of the rules.

  1. Follow what staff tells you unless it is out of hand.
  2. Do not swear, be offensive, or use inappropriate language.
  3. Do not start drama.
  4. Do not edit people's profiles without their permission.
  5. Do not spam edit on this wiki.
  6. Do not be rude to staff, or other members of this wiki.
  7. Do not change content if it doesn't need to be changed.
  8. Do not delete content from pages without a valid reason.
  9. Do not troll.
  10. Tell staff if something is different about a user. (Like hacking, trolling, etc.)
  11. Do not hack, or claim that you or others hack.
  12. Do not copy and paste content from other websites, including Wikipedia (however, using images from Wikipedia is fine as long as they are freely licensed).
  13. Do not cyberbully anyone online on this wiki.
  14. Do not post inappropriate videos, maps, or photos on this wiki.
  15. Use common sense. If a rule prevents you from effectively contributing to the wiki, break it!
  16. Be bold. There is nothing you can do to the wiki that will cause permanent damage. (However, this is not permission to be reckless!)
  17. Do not ask to become an admin on this wiki. (It will decrease your chances of becoming one.)
  18. Do not advertise other wikis on this wiki.
  19. Have fun!