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Equation (ĭ-kwā'zhən, -shən). An equation is a relation between two mathematical expressions. There are very many types of equations all having different ways of finding the solution. As opposed to an expression, an equation has only one solution and gets rid of any ambiguity of any statement.


There is no ambiguity in that statement. We are all positive that five plus seven equals twelve. Because, we can work that out in our heads.


Nor is there anbiguity in that statement. Though it takes some time, using BEDMAS we are sure that that statement is correct.


Now, there may be some ambiguity in that statement, because we don't know what x is. So, we find it out using SAMDEB and we find that x equals 1. There are also equations where you are representing inequalities.


That is correct, but is this?


We assume it to be true, because using that symbols is very powerful. I am saying that x can be every single number below 8 and you have no possible way of proving me wrong

An equation states two expressions are equal.