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Division is an arithmetic operation which is the inverse of multiplication. It could also be like repeated subtraction


The symbol for division can be ÷, ⁄, or ∕. More complex text engines may use stacked fractions, however, this can impair readability, as each half of the stacked fraction gets half the height of the root. This is why nested stacked fractions should be avoided, in favour of instead replacing the inner or outer or both levels with an inline division (instead of use or or ).

In real life, division is widely used in computing the average price of products, and checking which item is a better buy.


Estimation in division is quite different from the others. Round off the divisor to a round number, like 79 to 80, and the dividend to a round multiple of the divisor, like 5578 to 5600. So, the quotient of 5578÷79 is about 5600÷80 which is 70. Alternatively, the numbers may be approximated on a logarithmic scale, the values on the scale subtracted, then the value extracted from the scale.


The answer to a division problem is called the quotient.

Division by zero, may be either undefined (0÷0), or infinity (1÷0).

Table of basic divisions